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Here’s some Shop At Home Fun Facts:Shop At Home

The busiest “Shop at Home” company in Arizona has had so many complaints, that the Better Business Bureau has revoked their accreditation and gives them a grade of D+ due to “Persistent pattern of complaints.” See our section on Box Stores for more detailed information.

The 1-800 number stores do not have a showroom in Tucson. They have a bunch of sales people driving around Tucson with a hand full of samples in their cars to show the customer. These sales people are paid by commission ONLY. Their goal is to get you to buy what they want you to buy, and spend as much money as they can. The more you spend… The more they make!

Like the Box Stores, these companies use third party contractors to install your flooring. If you call the Box store or the 1-800 number to complain about the installation, they will tell you to contact the installation company. If you can reach them, they will usually refer you back to the box store etc. This can turn into an extremely upsetting ordeal. This almost always ends with an unhappy customer, who paid too much for a poor job. The only thing the consumer can do is alert the Better Business Bureau and other agencies to try to warn new customers. Check the business out at the BBB! BEFORE YOU BUY!

Here’s How we’ve been doing it… for over 38 years!

We have always had a showroom for the customer to come in and browse. If you come in before we measure, we can help you find what it is that you are looking for. If you have a general idea of the size of your areas to be done, we can also give you an idea of price. This way, when we measure, you’ll already know what to expect.

If you prefer to have us bring samples to you first, we will ask some questions about what you are interested in looking at. Based on your answers we will bring out a nice selection of samples that we hand pick from our showroom. The great news for you, is if we don’t bring out exactly what you had in mind, you may then come to our showroom and look at the large number of other flooring samples that we offer.

Here’s why we are the best choice!

When comparing similar products, we have NEVER given a higher bid than a 1-800 store!

The time it takes from order to install is ALWAYS faster!

Everything we do is done In-house! That means when you call us, you are actually calling our store, not a call center. When we come to your house, the person who shows up is an actual employee, not a high pressure, paid on commission, third party contractor. Our crew that installs your flooring is not a third party installation company, they are one of our installation crews. Most of whom have worked for us for over 10 years!

All communication from start to finish is handled by us! You can call us or email us with any questions. Your emails will ALWAYS be answered promptly, and your phone calls will be answered by one of our knowledgeable staff members.

We never push “Upgrades” and we have no hidden fees! All of our showroom samples have prices that are clearly marked!

The Carpet Store & More… Samples Delivered Right To Your Door!